Swim Class Schedule

Classes start the week you enroll and run year-round. Once enrolled, you will keep your day and time each week from month to month until you notify us through email of a desired change or withdraw. Lessons are weekly and ongoing, not a one-time event. You can enroll in as many classes per week as you wish.


The skills listed at each level are taught in the class, not what the student needs to know to be in the class. A student will not move to the next level until they can adequately perform the skills in their current class. Please contact us if you are unsure of which class to register into. 

Stages and descriptions are listed below.

A woman and child swimming in the pool.

Stage 1

Acclimation to water; able to keep face in water for 5 to 7 seconds at a time; perform safety swim; able to float on tummy; able to float on back 10 seconds; glides with “rocket arms” 2 to 3 feet; kicks with rocket arms up to 5 feet; transitions from Streamline to Back Float; transitions from Back Float to Streamline; begin pop up breathing; begin Freestyle arms; all skills performed with face in the water.

Stage 2

Front and back streamline 5 to 7 feet; Perform Freestyle arms and begin side-breathing; Back Stroke; Dolphin Kick and intro to Butterfly stroke; able to swim underwater 15 feet; Seated Dive; Kneeling Dive; all skills performed with face in the water.


Stage 3

Swim Freestyle with proper arm strokes, kicks and side breathing; flip turns; Backstroke with proper arms & kicks; Butterfly Stroke; begin Breast Stroke; able to swim underwater 1/2 pool length; Kneeling dive; Standing dive; able to tread water for 60 seconds

Stage 4 Pre-Competition Class

Freestyle with proper arms and legs; Backstroke with proper arms and legs; Breaststroke with proper arms and legs; Butterfly stroke with proper arms and legs; flip turns; standing dive; This is a pre-competition class designed for students familiar with the 4 major strokes to cultivate speed, agility, and endurance. This class is only offered at our San Mateo location.

Makeup Form

Makeup Form

MM slash DD slash YYYY
Makeup Policy(Required)
I understand that Shipman Swim School "allows" for a missed class to be made up if I have submitted my absence through a makeup form at least 24 hours in advance of the missed class. Failure to inform Shipman Swim School by submitting a makeup form at least 24 hours in advance of the missed class time constitutes forfeiture of a makeup for that missed class. Makeup classes must be scheduled by the parent through the Customer Portal. Makeup classes must have the title "MAKEUP CLASS ONLY' and should be scheduled within 1 week (the week of or the week after the absence) and cannot be "banked" or saved. I understand if a class is missed I am not entitled to a refund or "owed" a makeup but will be able to schedule a makeup class within the parameters of openings in the schedule found through the Customer Portal, as long as a makeup form has been submitted at least 24 hours in advance of an absence. I understand there are no makeups offered for a missed makeup class. Makeup classes must be taken while the student is enrolled in our Swim Program and are forfeited when a student has withdrawn from swim lessons. Once a makeup has been scheduled through the Swim Class Schedule Page, it cannot be rescheduled.